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Mac keyboard shortcuts for special characters

February 19, 2007

Recently I made the switch from a Windows PC to a Mac. A switch I don’t regret, because a Mac ,with its *nix background, is just more suitable for my line of work (web development).

A nifty feature on the Mac is the ability to easily type special characters. In Windows I knew a lot of ALT + xxxx codes by heart, but on a Mac the most commonly used special characters are easily accessible via the «option» key. Easy, if you know where to find the character you are looking for off course. Today I was in need of a horizontal ellipsis (…). I had no idea if and where I could find a shortcut. It took me a while to discover it. That’s why I decided to make myself, and the rest of the world, a little overview: A cheatsheet for finding Macs special characters.

Wanna see for yourself. You can take a look at the HTML-version or download a PDF.